The Camera of the Future | Design Workshop

What does it mean to give everyday objects the ability to see? While it is now common for computers and phones to have cameras, they are also embedded into everything from buildings to childrens' toys. How does this trend affect our relationship to these products? If we consider these devices filmmaking tools, what new stories can we tell?

Join us for a day of discussion and playful imagining. Together we will design and experiment with cameras, both real and imaginary.

Please bring your own cameras, camera phones, laptops, tripods, chargers and the various cables needed to charge or download from your devices. No prior or specific skills necessary.

If the cost is prohibitive, please contact Scatter for discounts or exceptions. Send questions specific to the content of the workshop to, otherwise please contact the hosting institution. 

Upcoming Workshops 
None currently scheduled, if interested please inquire here.

Prior Workshops
Museum of Art & Design, New York City 2014

James George

Alexander Porter