2014 | James George & Jonathan Minard

Scatter co-founder James George collaborated with Jonathan Minard to create Clouds, an interactive documentary exploring the art of code. Scatter is currently assisting the project with festival scheduling and continued development working towards a distributed release.

Clouds is an interactive, generative, documentary that allows the viewer to explore different perspectives at the intersection of code and culture. Filmed using DepthKit software and created entirely with open-source software, Clouds uses a data-driven story engine to present an endless, ever-changing conversation.

The interview subjects in Clouds are an intergenerational community of more than 40 artists, designers, hackers and thinkers. They discuss the challenges of developing new forms of expression that resonate at a deeper human level. The documentary captures the story of collaboratively inventing open-source tools that form the foundation of a global creative culture. Interview subjects include founders of free creative coding platforms, such as Casey Reas and Zachary Lieberman, as well as perspectives from thinkers like Bruce Sterling and Régine Debatty.

Clouds is presented as an interactive installation where visitors select an initial question to seed the story engine with their topic interest. They are then presented with a stream of interviews and interactive visualizations illustrating a response to the topic. Interaction is done through gesture using a Kinect and a large screen, or through gaze when using an Oculus Rift virtual reality head-mounted display.The installation features original visualizations contributed through code commissions by Shantell Martin, Zach Lieberman, Nervous System, Marius Watz, Karolina Sobecka, Casey Reas, Satoru Higa and Josh Nimoy

The list of interview subjects includes Aaron Koblin, Andres Colubri, Bruce Sterling, Casey Reas, Chris Sugrue, Damian Stewart, Daniel Shiffman, Diederick Huijbers, Elliot Woods, Fernanda Viegas, Golan Levin, Greg Borenstein, Javier Fadul, Jen Lowe, Jer Thorp, Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, Jessica Rosenkrantz, Joel Lewis, John Maeda, Josh Nimoy, Julia Kaganskiy, Julian Oliver, Karolina Sobecka, Karsten Schmidt, Kevin Slavin, Kyle Chayka, Kyle McDonald, Lauren McCarthy, LIA, Lindsay Howard, Marcus Wendt, Marius Watz, Martin Wattenberg, Paola Antonelli, Patricio Gonzalez-Vivo, Philip Whitfield, Rachel Binx, Ramsey Nasser, Regine Debatty, Shantell Martin, Sofy Yuditskaya, Theo Watson, Vera Glahn and Zach Lieberman

Tribeca Film Award for Transmedia
Ars Electronica Honorable Mention

Sundance Film Festival 2014
Tribeca Film Festival 2014 
The Sonar+D Festival
Eyeo Festival
Barbican Digital Revolution
Ars Electronica
XOXO Festival
IDFA Documentary Festival

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Official Clouds website
CLOUDS on GitHub


Kickstarter Backers
The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
Microsoft Studio
Eyebeam Art and Technology Center
Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program

Jonathan Minard - Co-Director
James George - Co-Director
Golan Levin - Executive Producer
Winslow Porter - Producer
Bradley G Munkowitz - Design Director
R. Luke DuBois - Music
Elie Zananiri - Lead Interaction Developer
Lars Berg - Lead Visual Developer
Surya Mattu - Story Engine Development

Gal Sassoon - Visual Systems Development
Patricio Gonzalez Vivo - Visual Systems Development
Reza Ali - Visual Systems Development
Jeff Crouse - Visual Systems Development
Omer Shapira -Visual Systems Development
Michael Allison -Visual Systems Development
Quin Kennedy - Visual Systems Development

Sarah Hallacher - UX Design
Luisa Pereira - Interface Development
Jack Kalish - Interface Development
Charlie Whitney - Interface Development
Erica Gorochow - Interface Design
Jason Walters - UX Consulting
Mike Ballard - UX Consulting

Mei-Ling Wong - Festival Coordination
Alexander Porter - Additional DepthKit filming
Additional Footage provided by Future of Storytelling

Julian LaPlace - Additional Music
Tony Lim - Additional Music
Brett Murphy - Sound Mixing
Mike Heavers - Web