Computational Portraiture Workshop

Ten percent of all photographs ever taken were created in just the last year. How has the ubiquity of cameras changed our culture’s relationship to images and altered photography as an artistic medium? By combining digital imaging, new sensing technology, algorithms, and metadata like geo-location, scientists and artists are discovering ways to synthesize new forms of vision out of vast data sets. Have these processes revealed new ways of seeing? What possibilities await in the near future?

During this workshop we will survey recent artworks made with techniques such as photogrammetry, laser scanning & computer vision, and research the tools used to create them. Students will create a portrait study using one of the techniques explored.

Please bring your own cameras, camera phones, laptops, tripods, chargers and the various cables needed to charge or download from your devices. No prior or specific skills necessary.

Prior Courses
Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) NYU, Spring 2016
Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) NYU, Fall 2015
Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) NYU, Spring 2015
Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) NYU, Fall 2014

James George

Alexander Porter

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Student Projects
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Ziv Schneider | Death Masks for the Unidentified
Oryan Inbar & Matthew Romein | Theater of the Grotesque
Andrew Levine & Pat Shiu | Portraiture in 3D
Joanna Wrzaszczyk | Memories - Behind Photographs
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