We are a team of artists, designers, technologists and producers who share the belief that emerging technology has the power to shape culture. We are dedicated to guiding the path of technology towards positive cultural impact. Our mission is to elevate new media projects – across VR, AR, MR and site-specific installations – to foster critical dialogue and evoke emotive experiences.

We have expanded our team and are excited to continue collaborating with leading technology companies, brands, artists, and filmmakers to translate their visions into reality from technically-grounded creative ideation through to implementation and production.

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Scatter Team

James George is an artist applying computation towards portraiture and storytelling. His work addresses the impact of emerging technologies as they enter popular cultural. By sharing his code and processes openly, he enables others to express themselves using the techniques he develops. 

Yasmin Elayat is new media artist and experience designer who leverages emerging technology to push the boundaries of collaborative, participatory storytelling experiences ranging from new media documentary to immersive environments and site-specific installations. Yasmin’s interest is creating new constructs for shared experiences in digital and physical space.

Alexander Porter is an experimental photographer and VR director. His career as a digital artist and documentarian enable him to combine traditional approaches with computational photography; exploring the documentary potential of emerging reality capture techniques. Alexander is the Co-Creator of DepthKit, a company creating volumetric filmmaking techniques for virtual reality.