2014 | Visual Effects Direction 

LOVE CHILD 사이버 사랑  is a documentary film directed by Valerie Veatch about internet policy development in one of the most wired countries on earth. Set in South Korea, Love Child follows the story of the first case where "internet addiction" was legally cited as a mitigating factor in a court case and looks at today's Korean gaming culture in search of harmony in an increasingly immersive media environment, where virtual is the new reality.

Scatter cofounder Alexander Porter spent two weeks filming in South Korea visiting immersive gaming environments and internet cafes, interviewing game designers and filming city life in and around Seoul. Additionally, he scanned a series of DepthKit vignettes illustrating the surreal convergence of real and virtual worlds.

Love Child premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2014 & aired on HBO in July of that year. 

Valerie Veatch - Director
Alexander Porter - Visual Effects Director & Cinematography
Ryan Whittier-Hale - Visual Effects Designer

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