Specular has a new name and a new mission.

Specular is redefining as Scatter: an immersive media studio.

We are a team of artists, designers, technologists and producers who share the belief that emerging technology has the power to shape culture. We are dedicated to guiding the path of technology towards positive cultural impact. Our mission is to elevate new media projects – across VR, AR, MR and site-specific installations – to foster critical dialogue and evoke emotive experiences.

We are announcing a new addition to our team: Yasmin Elayat. Yasmin brings a focus on collaborative, participatory storytelling experiences ranging from new media documentary to site-specific installations. Yasmin joins us from Second Story, an interdisciplinary design studio, where she explored story-driven experiences using spatial sound, wearable technology and large scale screens in Times Square.

We are expanding our team and capabilities and are excited to continue collaborating with leading technology companies, brands, artists and filmmakers to translate their visions into reality from technically-grounded creative ideation to implementation and production.

With several projects currently in production, including our virtual reality experience Blackout, we are excited to share the next chapter of our studio practice under our new name Scatter.

Now please, go enjoy our site!