INCONGRUOUS Residency at Museum of Art & Design

As part of a residency in Fall 2014 at the Museum of Art & Design called INCONGRUOUS, James & Alexander continued ongoing research into virtual reality, 3D scanning & computational photography on-site at the museum. Additionally, Specular hosted a series of public programs at the museum – including a panel, a screening and a workshop.

Cultural Impact of Computer Vision

How do machines change the way we see and explore the boundaries of photography?

Artists and designers discuss the ways that advances in machine vision and ubiquitous cameras have begun to influence culture.

Camera of the Future

What does it mean to give everyday objects and appliances the ability to see?

During this workshop, participants will imagine, design and prototype new hybrid cameras, considering their potential uses and cultural impact in the near future.

A Cinematic History of Virtual Reality

"A movie that gives one sight and sound [...] taste, smell, and touch. [...] You are in the story, and instead of being on a screen, the story is all about you, and you are in it."
– Pygmalion’s Spectacles 1935

The screening follows a chronology of virtual reality in cinema from 1935-2015, pairing excerpts from science fiction movies, corporate research and product demos.

Alexander Porter