Scatter is a Brooklyn, New York based creative studio exploring the application of photography and interactivity towards immersive experiences. Scatter's founders come from traditional backgrounds in computer science, photography and film production to create work at the fringes of the recently possible.

We assert that the cultural relationship to images will shift dramatically in the near future – leaving behind analog metaphors and creating space for viewers to interact. Through design and invention, Scatter intends to guide this shift towards a future where curiosity, inclusivity and humanism are core values.

We just keep coming back to computational photography • interactive storytelling • immersive environments • design fiction • futurism • virtual reality • augmented reality • creative coding • nonlinear narratives • 3D sensing and visualization • photogrammetry • lightfields • structured light • free viewpoint perspective • motion graphics • physical computing • generative art • immersive theater • the camera of the future • projection mapping • sousveillance • varioptics

Scatter Team

James George is an artist applying 
computation towards portraiture and storytelling. His work addresses the impact of emerging technologies as they enter popular cultural. By sharing his code and processes openly, he enables others to express themselves using the techniques he develops. 

Alexander Porter is a Director of Photography. His career as an artist, still photographer and documentary maker enable him to combine photographic traditions and visual narrative aesthetics with new imaging techniques; exploring the documentary & aesthetic potential of emerging technologies.

Mei-Ling Wong is a multi-disciplinary producer with an extensive career producing for advertising agencies and production companies in both the US & Australasia. Mei-Ling's experience encompasses a range of mediums including film, visual effects, motion graphics, live performance and experiential installations.