Residency Program

We have a rotating residency program to incubate experimental projects from artists working in fields relevant to our core interests. The residents, affectionately referred to as Speculators, have access to the Specular studio space in Brooklyn, in addition to equipment, resources, weekly critique sessions and ongoing creative guidance and technical support.

We are not currently accepting resident applications.

Former Residents

Miles Peyton 
Miles is an artist living in Pittsburgh. He uses sound, image and code to create hyperactive
situations. Peyton's subjects range from hive bodies and cached artifacts, to the performativity of algorithms. He currently studies art and computer science at Carnegie Mellon. 

Miles developed two projects during his residency: Mac Book, a tool for reading books, and pupa status, a web-based artwork. 

Pedro Oliveira
Pedro G. C. Oliveira was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is an Art Director and Interactive Designer based in New York City currently studying at the Interactive Telecommunications Program in NYU. His work history combines experiences in visual-effects, graphic design and motion graphics, interfaces and applications, interactive installations and code-generated art pieces.

It is his strong belief, that creativity solutions should be merged with technological resources and information not only in the name of innovation, but also to stimulate human potential and to improve human relations.

Ziv Schneider
Ziv is a visual artist from Israel, currently based in New York. Her work is in the intersection of art, design and photography. 

She is researching new techniques in image making, archiving and interaction. 

Ziv's project during her residency, Facing the Nameless debuted as part of a series of interactive Haikus commissioned by the National Film Board of Canada. 

Julia Irwin
Drawing on a background spanning the arts, social sciences and research, Julia is an artist and creative technologist currently pursuing a masters degree at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Her work engages a variety of mediums to come together in the form of spaces, structures and interfaces that delight, educate and evoke questions.