Early in the Obama administration, the United States created plans for a crippling cyber attack against Iran in the event that diplomatic efforts to constrain the Iranian nuclear program were unsuccessful. The plan, code named "Nitro Zeus" was designed to disable communication infrastructure, essential parts of the power grid, and disable air defenses. This massive yet secret effort represents the emergence of a chilling new military frontier, cyber warfare. In Alex Gibney's new film Zero Days he investigates the impacts that cyber warfare are already having on international infrastructure and the inevitable collateral damage.

At Scatter we worked closely with Framestore and Jigsaw to capture and design a set of interviews presenting the anonymized testimonies of NSA whistleblowers. Our approach was intended to obscure the identities of the informants while still giving them a platform to speak. We used our reality capture tool DepthKit as a digitized veil, allowing us to obfuscate their identities while still retaining their gestures.

Alexander Porter | DepthKit Photography
James George | DepthKit Technical director
Mei-Ling Wong | DepthKit Producer
Kyle Kukshtel | DepthKit Camera Assist

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